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mBot V1.1 Blue (Bluetooth Version)

  • $45.00
  • Save $48

mBot is a accessible and affordable educational robot kit for kids and beginners to learn programming, electronics and robotics. The mBot can be programmed with both Arduino IDE and mBlock (Scratch based). This is a great educational tool for all those future engineers out there and for some of us current engineers too!

  • For schools: mBot will perfectly meet the needs of both children and their educators. mBot & mBlock meets the essentials to enter and advance in the world of graphical programming and electronics. It will allow many activities or lessons in class with a single product.
  • For families: Interest is the best teacher for kids, mBot aim to be the right teacher to help kids improve powers of observation, hands-on practice ability, problem finding and solving skills, cultivate creativity,  imagination, thinking and learning ability.

  • For beginners: Great fun for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of Arduino, electronics, robotics and DIY, since mCore board is compatible with Arduino UNO.

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