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> 10 Years

Pre-teens begin to develop hobbies and life-long interests and enjoy crafts, model kits, magic sets, advanced construction sets, science kits and sophisticated jigsaw puzzles. Active play finds its expression in team sports. Coding, painting, sculpting, ceramics and other art projects continue to be of interest.

Good toys for over 10 years old children

  • Sports equipment and protective gear
  • Bicycle and helmet
  • Ice or roller skates/in-line skates and protective gear
  • Advanced construction sets
  • Jigsaw puzzles, including three-dimensional puzzles
  • Puppets, marionettes and theaters
  • Remote control vehicles
  • Model kits
  • Science kits
  • Magic sets
  • Craft and handiwork kits
  • Art supplies
  • Playing cards
  • Board games
  • Chess, checkers, dominoes and other strategy games
  • Tabletop sports
  • Video games
  • Electronic games
  • Electric trains
  • Musical instruments
  • Books (biography, mystery, adventure, science fiction)