EveleenJoy - Educating Children, One Toy at a Time

EveleenJoy - Educating Children, One Toy at a Time

Posted by Irene Brown on

Hello, I’m Irene Brown an Entrepreneur in Salt Lake City, Utah. I created EveleenJoy to solve a problem I came across when trying to buy a birthday toy for my niece Eveleen. I couldn’t find educational and STEM toys that were high quality and reasonably priced. So, that’s why I created EveleenJoy to provide affordable Educational, Learning, and STEM toys.

My mission is to provide toys that both educate children and bring joy to their lives. EveleenJoy’s believe is LEARN while playing, LAUGH while learning, and LOVE the life and world we live in.

I’m working with parents and educators here in Utah to provide more toy options.  Please contact me at irene.brown@eveleenjoy.com if you would like to be included in my group. 

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  • As a mother of two, I fully agree that children need toys to inspire their imagination. With that, having a safe and well-made toys ensure that as your kids get older, their toys can be shared by nieces/nephew, other kids or passed down to their own kids. Love that the toys are wooden and trust the quality of construction and the paint – great product – well-worth every penny!!!

    Colleen Merrill Brown on

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