10 Easter Toys from EveleenJoy

10 Easter Toys from EveleenJoy

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Easter is just around the corner!  Are you ready to celebrate with your children?  EveleenJoy has selected our Top 10 Educational and STEM Toys for Easter. These toys are designed for children between 1 and 10 years old.  They are high-quality, durable, and help children build upon their imaginations.  Kids can LEARN while playing, LAUGH while learning, and LOVE the life and world we live in.

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly in play, children learn how to learn” – O.Fred Donaldson

Hope you enjoy our top 10 Easter Toys

SmartRod Magnetic Discovery with Rooftop, 45-Piece

This 45-piece SmartRod Magnetic Discovery with Rooftop includes 19pcs high quality, sonically welded magnetic sticks, 16pcs metal ball, 4pcs panels, 4 flowers, and 2 rooftops. Children can explore magnetism and gravity, while improving their hand-eye coordination.  This toy increases logical thinking, color recognition, and 2D/3D shape formation to increase STEM learning.  

This magnetic set is different than other magnetic toys in the market, they have several different types of pieces in one set.  Children can build all kinds of creations.

SmartRod Magnetic Discovery with Ramp, 46-Piece

If your Child loves playing with magnets, they will love this 46-piece SmartRod Magnetic Discovery with Ramp. It is compatible with all other SmartRod sets. Children can build magnetic cars, trucks, and work with force and motion. It promotes children’s STEM skills, imagination, and creativity. Perfect STEM toys for young age kids.

Wooden Building Planks, 120-Piece

One of the best play-based learning toys is Planks. This 120-piece Wooden Building Planks is made by nature wood and are simple and awesome.  They allow a child to build real complex structures. It opens all the possibilities for children’s creativity. Children of all ages will LOVE them.

Each plank in the set is the same size which means there are no limits to the creativity and imagination of what a child can create.   

Wooden Animal Pull Car

Do your kids love music? If yes, then this Wooden Animal Pull Car is the best fit for them. It has 6 different well-made animal shapes with a xylophone on top of the car.  The eyes of car even move when your child pulls the car. A super cute toy to catch your child’s attention. It also develops fine motor skills and a creative musical brain.

Shape Sorting Box

The Shape Sorting Box is a classic toy for little kids in their early development.  This toy offers them a small challenge by putting the right shape in the right hole. This is a classic learning toy for your child to recognize their shape, color and size, every child must have it.

Wooden Fishing Game Playset

Catch some laughs and learning with this wooden fishing game playset! This Wooden Fishing Game Playset is different than others in the market. It has four pond fences to “protect” 12 pieces of fish “sneaking out”. It also has two fishing rods and one colored dice.  Children and parents can play together to practice fishing skills or make up rules for your own game. It’s a hugely enjoyable game for the little ones.

Building Blocks, 50-Piece

Blocks allow your child to design, invent, and create. Kids can explore concepts of balance, stability, and design as they construct. This 50-piece Wooden Building Blocks makes the perfect first blocks for your kids. They are simple and colorful, and come with a bucket. It’s easy for storage and parents won’t need to worry about the messy home any more.

Wooden Cutting Fruit Playset

If you are looking for a great wooden food toy for your child you will want to check this Wooden Cutting Fruit Playset. The fruit are colorful and well-made with realistic details.  Fruit cards included to show children the name of each fruit. It comes with orange, watermelon, apple, lemon, tomato, peach, wooden knife and cutting board. Great playset for pretend play and introducing concepts of parts and whole.

Wooden Figure 8 Train Set

This Wooden Figure 8 Train Set is suitable for a room with a small space as it is a very simple to build. It comes with 37 pieces of high quality tracks and complementary accessories, and compatible with Thomas wooden and Brio Railway System, but cheaper than their prices. It will be a perfect first train set for your kids.

4-in-1 Triangle Activity Cube

Activity cube is one of our favorite toys.  It is not just for having fun, but also help with development of early skills like hand-eye coordination, color recognition, and musical creativity. This 4 in 1 Triangle Activity Cube has 4 side of fun with music, kids learn how to socialize, enhance their imagination through story-telling and music-playing.

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